Knitting the Commons

Knitting the Commons is an art installation that spans trees throughout the three public spaces in an effort to “knit” Civic Center public spaces together. Throughout phases of this project, select trees have been wrapped in one-of-a-kind, whimsical styles and patterns, created by artist-sister duo Knits for Life. In June of 2017, the neighborhood community was invited to vote on themes for the knitted sculptures. In line with the selected theme of “Land, Sea and Air Creatures,” installations in 2018 included giraffes, sea otters, and chameleons in Civic Center Plaza, parrots on Fulton Street, and octopuses UN Plaza. In 2019, Knits for Life installed elephants in Civic Center Plaza and flamingos in UN Plaza. Please do hug the trees! (Image by Jill Watt)
Visit the project website here.