Provide Your Input to Help Shape the Redesign of San Francisco’s JCDecaux Public Toilets and Kiosks!

Civic Center public spaces are home to two JCDecaux Public Toilets – one in UN Plaza, and one in Civic Center Plaza at Grove Street and Larkin Street. Both JCDecaux toilets in the Civic Center public spaces are staffed each day through the Pit Stop Program.

Today,  Public Works has announced that the agency, in partnership with the JCDecaux outdoor furniture company, is embarking on a once-in-a-generation replacement of San Francisco’s on-street public toilets and multi-function kiosks. After an invitation-only design competition among San Francisco architects and industrial designers, three finalists have been chosen.

“The trio of conceptual designs will be on display for community input on how San Francisco can re-envision these public amenities to meet the functional needs and aesthetics of our 21st-century iconic city,” said Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru.

We hope you’ll check out the new designs and provide your input! 

The designs will be on display today through April 30th at the Main Library in Civic Center and for one day, on Wednesday, April 25th, at the Heart of the City Farmers Market in UN Plaza.

Members of the public can submit a comment form at these locations, online or by email to The deadline for submissions is 10 a.m. Monday, April 30. The comments will help inform the design competition jury’s decision.

What Color is City Hall Tonight?

Did you know City Hall’s exterior regularly changes illumination to reflect civic pride celebrations, national or world events, and other worthy or momentous occasions?

Want to know know what color City Hall will be tonight? Visit the City Hall Lights page here.

Read below for more information about the light installation, its history, and related news articles, courtesy of SF GOV:

About City Hall’s exterior lighting

Every evening at sunset, over 220 state-of-the-art LED lighting fixtures illuminate City Hall’s exterior. Normally, a soft white glow shows off the play of light and shadow on the full façade and dome. Frequently, special plaza façade lighting schemes honor or celebrate events, seasons, and holidays.
Until 2016, the lights were standard incandescent bulbs. Changing their colors was expensive and time-consuming; two to three building staff members, plus a crew of four staff from a lighting contractor, spent hours crawling in and out of office windows and onto the rooftop to install colored theatrical gels on each of the 220 fixtures, even in bad weather. For removal of the gels, the whole process happened in reverse.
Power use is now much lower, and with just an occasional cleaning, maintaining the fixtures is much easier: LED bulbs last as long as 20 years.

News about City Hall lighting

Please note, the City Hall lighting schedule is subject to change.